Ski & snowboard edges

A Waelzholz ski edge or snowboard edge

Steel edges in perfection for manufacturing skis and snowboards

More than 50 years ago Waelzholz developed the first edges out of steel for well-known Ski manufacturers. Since that time Waelzholz International has been producing millions of steel edges for the ski and snowboard construction every year. For many years, Waelzholz has become a renowned supplier for the ski and snowboard industry.

The technical features of the steel edges have been constantly improved and optimized together with our customers. The expertise of the company group in the field of materials technology meets the high requirements of the ski and snowboard construction:


The Waelzholz surface coating NV4 for ski 6 snowboard profiles ensures a better adhesion and is besides an excellent temporary corrosion protection.


World class athletes, ski and snowboard manufacturers as well as independent smaller ski producers rely on the high quality standards of the Waelzholz steel edge.

Steel edge production with highest precision

Our expertise guarantees your satisfaction


Our advanced CNC-controlled systems in the stamping and bending technology ensure the requested process accuracy and ensures compliance with closest dimensional tolerances. More than 170 different ski and snowboard edge profiles allow today the most accurate fitting of the edges in the various ski constructions of our customers.