Waelzholz standard ski and snowboard edges: (Profile 78 and Profile 129)

  • Ski/snowboard profile 78: Thickness of running base: 1,30 to 1,35 mm
    Ski/snowboard profile 129: Thickness of running base: 1,35 to 1,40 mmFor sandwich and PU-injected ski and snowboard constructions
  • NV4-surface coating for improved adhesion and transparent and temporary corrosion protection

The Waelzholz standard ski and snowboard edges

Steel edges for all ski and snowboard models. For over 50 years proven steel grades for ski and snowboard constructions

Steel: it depends on what you make of it.


The steel of a ski or snowboard edge has a great influence on the behavior. Together with other components and materials, the steel egde fulfills important functions in the ski and snowboard construction.


The stronger the performance demands of the skier and snowboarder on the ski or snowboard, the higher the demand will be on the materials. Our standard steel ski edges give ski and snowboards the required stability and keeps it maneuverable on harsh or frozen ground.

Profile 78

Thickness of running base 1,3 to1,35 mm

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Profile 129

Thickness of running base 1,35 to 1,40mm

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