Ski & snowboard edges for higher demands

Strong Steel edges from Waelzholz for challenging uses

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding (rails and tricks) puts the highest requirements on the ski edge.


We have developed a specific ski edge to respond to these needs: a strong ski and snowboard edge for high demands with a large cross section for higher strength and durability.


Ski- or snowboard edge"Profile 151": the Waelzholz steel edge for higher demands on ski and snowboard

  • Profil with a thickness of running base: 1,75 to 1,80 mm     
  • A strong edge for challenging requirements    
  • NV4-surface coating for improved adhesion and transparent temporary corrosion protection

Profile 151 C01C

A strong edge for challenging requirements (Rental, Freestyle) with thickness of running base from 1,75 to 1,80 mm

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