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NV4 coating for a perfect ski edge / snowboard edge

New snowboard profiles and ski edges: N4 steel edge with nanoscale coating for improved adhesion

Mechanical treatment and application of a nanoscale layer based on transition metals. The eco-friendly solution as an adhesion promoter to improve adhesion of snowboard edges respectively ofski edges. Especially in PU constructions and especially in EP constructions an improved adhesion can be achieved. 
Previous attempts in the ski industry show better adhesion properties of N4 steel edges as with CDW-Platin-Primer-S.



  • Ski and snowboard edges with a very good adhesion
  • Temporary protection of steel edges against corrosion under adequate storage condition



  • Uniform nanoscale layer (about 150nm thickness)
  • No deterioration of the adhesion properties in case of extended temporary storage prior to usage
  • Tested between -20°C and +40°C
  • Very low solvent content (approx. 5%)



  • Excellent for PU ski and snowboard constructions
  • Excellent for EP ski and snowboard constructions 



  • Metallike
  • Rough surface (very good for mechanic bonding)



  • Inorganic based on transition metals


All information about NV4- ski and snowboard edges can be found here in pdf format:

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