lightweight edges for ski and snowboard

Ski edges and snowboard edges for touring or backcountry skiing and snowboarding

Various factors influence a ski or snowboard construction:

  • The kind of materials used
  • The length and width of the ski/snowboard
  • The sidecut and the flex


Building skis and snowboards is a very complex task that also applies to the steel edge.


Our range of ski and snowboard edges includes our lightweight Profiles 105 and 40 with a weight up to 50% less than a standard ski and snowboard profiles.


The Waelzholz lightweight ski and snowboard edges feature the following:

  • Relatively thin steel edge
  • Ski and snowboard pfrofiles with a small cross-section
  • Ski and snowboard edges with high strength and flexibility.
  • NV4-surface coating for edges with improved adhesion and transparent temporary corrosion protection.


Ski and snowboard edge "Profile 160"

Profile with a running base: 1,25 to 1,30 mm

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Ski and snowboard edge "Profile 40"

Ski and Snowboard profile with a running base 1,15 to 1,20 mm

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